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TBTI DIALOGUE is an online forum that serves as a way to facilitate discussions about some of the most pertinent issues for small-scale fishing people and their livelihoods. 

European Small-Scale Fisheries Report: E-consultation




European Small-Scale Fisheries: A Regional Synthesis is a product of the TBTI, and forms part of a series of five regional synthesis reports which collectively provide a global picture of the SSF characteristics, challenges, threats and opportunities. The report was developed by TBTI with inputs from academics, experts, practitioners and fishers’ association in Europe.

With these reports, TBTI aims to put small-scale fisheries on the map and in the right perspective, such that SSF sustainability can be improved through policies that maximizes their contribution to the regional and national social and economic development. The regional synthesis reports provide an informed baseline for actions through policy changes that can transform the way SSF are recognized, managed and governed.

We wish to make this synthesis an inclusive and fair depiction of SSF in Europe, accessible to multiple audiences, and as such we are engaging various experts, academics, practitioners, fishers’ associations and fishers as part of the process. Intensive consultation on the European synthesis with interested parties has been ongoing, and TBTI is now launching an e-consultation.

It is our mission to make this synthesis a document that truly represents the various realities of the European SSF, and we look forward to receiving your comments, observations, and recommendations.

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  1. Stephen Long

    Please consider including lessons learned from the Fal oyster fishery, UK. The Fal oyster fishery is a unique small scale fishery, home to the last commercial sailing fleet in Europe. In contrast to stock collapses and temporary closures in other UK oyster fisheries, the Fal continues to operate in the same manner as it has done for over 100 years. Our research explores the hypothesis that the inherent inefficiency of the traditional methods employed here (dictated by management) may account for its longevity. The fishery offers a rare counterfactual to the increases in power and gear advances across Europe and highlights the value of small scale fisheries.

    November 17, 2017 12:46 pm #

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