Happy World Fisheries Day 2022


Those familiar with small-scale fisheries have undoubtedly come across accusations that blame the sector for many of the problems in fisheries. Because they are seen as inefficient, too many and too messy to manage, they are often associated with problems like overfishing, bycatch, pollution, unsustainable development, and economic burden. While some of these may be true, small-scale fisheries make major contributions in many aspects of society, and through them, many of the problems can be addressed. Getting rid of small-scale fisheries will just make the matters worse.

New narratives about small-scale fisheries are needed - ones that clearly illustrate the values and importance of small-scale fisheries and consider them as key solutions for issues such as sustainability and sustainable development, climate change, economic prosperity, food security, gender equity, cultural identity, rebuilding fisheries, community wellbeing, and Blue Justice, among others. We also need initiatives that seek solutions for the numerous issues affecting small-scale fisheries and promote ways of sharing and scaling-up the success stories. 

From this World Fisheries Day onwards, we are collecting contributions that depict ways in which small-scale fisheries provide solutions for small- and large-scale environmental and socioeconomic issues. We are also interested in successful case studies and stories that demonstrate how small-scale fisheries have overcome, or are in the process of overcoming, specific issues and challenges. 

The contributions can be sent in a format of a story, reflection piece, short article, video, art piece etc. The material should be sent to tbti.global@gmail.com, by January 31, 2023. We will release the first collection of stories on February 20th - World Day of Social Justice.

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