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Total annual catch

Chart April1

Source: World Bank/FAO/WorldFish (2010)





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Special Session: Building Equity into Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

TBTI is co-organizing a special session at this year’s SeaFood Expo in Boston, March 19. This session encourages critical thinking and discussions on the opportunities that the SDGs provide for responsible businesses to engage with the world’s traditional, SSF and the ways that businesses can demonstrating their commitment and contribution to the SDG.

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Blue Justice: Small-Scale Fisheries are Too Important to Fail!

Social justice is a key concern of fisheries governance since many stakeholders rely on the same resources. On this World Fisheries Day, we're calling for commitment to Blue Justice in SSF. ...[read more]

TBTI Digest, February 2019

Download TBTI Digest to learn about the recent project’s activities and outputs. You can also contact us if you have any news or feedback. ...[read more]

Report from the training workshop “Transdisciplinarity in Fisheries & Ocean Sustainability”

The 'TD Africa Training Workshop' in South Africa was organized by TBTI, as part of the TBTI transdisciplinary (TD) training program. ...[read more]

Strengthening collaboration on small-scale fisheries research in the Latin America and the Caribbean

On February 4 and 5, 2019, several TBTI representatives from the Latina America and the Caribbean meet at the National Fisheries Institute headquarters in Guayaquil, Ecuador. ...[read more]