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Let’s co-produce videos on the fly!

Are you an experienced video-maker? Or an amateur wanting to improve video-making skills? Join us for the ‘Video-making Co-production Workshop’ on Friday October 8, 2021. The workshop is virtual and free.

Get in touch! 

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State of the Art

Total annual catch

Chart April1

Source: World Bank/FAO/WorldFish (2010)





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4th World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress

A series of 5 regional congresses in 2022

Join us for 4WSFC – a transdisciplinary forum for anyone interested in small-scale fisheries. The congress will take place in Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, and Africa.

Check 4WSFC website for details.

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World Fisheries Day 2021

Call for contribution

Submit a short video or an e-book chapter and tell your story about why there cannot be sustainability without ‘Blue Justice for Small-Scale Fisheries’.

Your contributions will be published on November 21 as part of our 2021 World Fisheries Day Celebration. 


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TBTI Digest – September 2021

Download TBTI Digest to learn about the recent project’s activities and outputs. You can also contact us if you have any news or feedback. ...[read more]

Strengthening, not creating: Learning from communities on climate change adaptation

In this reflection piece, we are taking a closer look at the environmental and climate justice for small-scale fisheries that are being confronted with fast-emerging and more frequent threats from climate change hazards. ...[read more]

Blue Justice Alert: The tragedy of the Sundarbans

The cyclones in Sundarbans have created a chain of vulnerabilities in the lives of small-scale fishers that have disrupted not only their stability but also the sustainability of the entire ecosystem. ...[read more]

A win for the e-book ‘In the era of big change’!

TBTI Japan received the Publication & Culture Award of the Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies. ...[read more]