TBTI e-book on inland fisheries launched

Inter-Sectoral Governance of Inland Fisheries


A recently completed TBTI e-book on inland fisheries was launched at the WorldFish Resilient Small-Scale Fisheries Symposium held at the WorldFish headquarter in Penang, on 5-7 September 2017. Titled 'Inter-sectoral governance of inland fisheries', this edited e-volume is a compilation of 11 case studies from around the world plus an introductory synthesis, aimed at giving readers a detailed look into the diverse, complex, dynamic, scale-laden linkages that inland fisheries have with other water-based sectors.

Given the multiple users of inland waterbodies whose activities very much rely on the same aquatic ecosystems as fisheries, ‘intersectorality’ is an undeniable feature of inland fisheries functioning and management. The content of this book sheds light on this important but still understated issue. WorldFish is a collaborator in this effort, whose long-running research program in small-scale fisheries with emphasis on inland setting makes an ideal partner.


To download the full e-book, click here.
To download the individual chapters, click here.


To cite: Song, A.M., Bower, S.D., Onyango, P., Cooke, S.J., Chuenpagdee, R. (Eds.). (2017). Inter-sectoral governance of inland fisheries. TBTI Publication Series, E-01/2017. Too Big To Ignore-WorldFish. St. John’s, Canada.