2nd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress: 21-26 September, Merida, Mexico, 2014




The 2nd World Small-Scale Fisheries (2WSFC) Congress was held in Merida, Mexico, 21-26 September 2014. The congress, whose main theme was “Options and Opportunities for Small- Scale Fisheries,” featured more than 250 presentations on the following topics:

  • economic viability;
  • livelihoods and wellbeing;
  • ecosystem stewardship;
  • rights and access;
  • governance and governability;
  • food security;
  • assessment and monitoring.

The congress was an opportunity for anyone interested in SSF to participate in an interactive discussion about the future of the world small-scale fisheries. In the following days there will be more information posted on the congress activities, including the key outcomes, so  make sure to check the congress website and the 2WSFC report.