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A spotlight on climate justice

In this reflection piece, we are taking a closer look at the environmental and climate justice for small-scale fisheries that are being confronted with fast-emerging and more frequent threats from climate change hazards.

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SSF at the World Fisheries Congress 2021

The World Fisheries Congress 2021 included a good number of sessions about communities, societal values, and related topics and featured a plenary presentation about small-scale fisheries by TBTI Director, Ratana Chuenpagdee.


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State of the Art

Total annual catch

Chart April1

Source: World Bank/FAO/WorldFish (2010)





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4th World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress

A series of 5 regional congresses in 2022

Join us for 4WSFC – a transdisciplinary forum for anyone interested in small-scale fisheries. The congress will take place in Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, and Africa.

Check 4WSFC website for details.

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World Fisheries Day 2021

Call for contribution

Submit a short video or an e-book chapter and tell your story about why there cannot be sustainability without ‘Blue Justice for Small-Scale Fisheries’.

Your contributions will be published on November 21 as part of our 2021 World Fisheries Day Celebration. 


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TBTI Digest – October 2021

Download TBTI Digest to learn about the recent project’s activities and outputs. You can also contact us if you have any news or feedback. ...[read more]

Gender and social justice

The immense contribution of women in small-scale fisheries has long been recognized. Still, there are some surprising stories, both positive and alarming. The spotlight on women needs to be continued as they navigate the changing world...  ...[read more]

Blue Justice Alert: The indigenous communities in the Orinoquía region, Colombia

This story highlights the environmental, socioeconomic, and political factors that have influenced the ways in which Indigenous communities of the eastern plains of Colombia relate to their inland territories. ...[read more]

Blue Justice Alert: The tragedy of the Sundarbans

The cyclones in Sundarbans have created a chain of vulnerabilities in the lives of small-scale fishers that have disrupted not only their stability but also the sustainability of the entire ecosystem. ...[read more]