3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress – the future of small-scale fisheries is now

The conference aim is to find feasible and innovative solutions to make fisheries sustainable, including ways to support implementation of the SSF Guidelines and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. These discussions will lay the foundation for greater coordination across the sector leading up to the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development in 2021–2030 and the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture in 2022

Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee, Congress Co-chair and TBTI Project Director

Over 350 researchers, practitioners, small-scale fishers, civil society organizations, environmental organizations, and government representatives gathered on 22–26 October 2018 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to discuss transdisciplinary strategies to sustain small-scale fisheries as a global food production system, as part of the 3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress.

Under the theme ‘Transdisciplinary and Transformation for the Future of Small-Scale Fisheries’, the congress aimed to facilitate information exchange, knowledge sharing, and discussion among participants who come from more than 50 countries for the viability and sustainability of small-scale fisheries worldwide.

Small-scale fisheries provide food for billions of people and livelihoods for millions. Yet these services are being affected by factors such as ineffective governance, inequitable fishing rights, climate change and competition for space and resources with large-scale industrial fisheries and other sectors. In many instances, social, policy and governance transformations have taken place in response, but these are not always favorable to small-scale fisheries. Careful considerations are therefore needed to promote positive outcomes and avoid harmful ones.

The congress was co-hosted by Maejo University and TBTI, in partnership with Department of Fisheries, Thailand, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Kasetsart University, Mahidol University, the Marine Biodiversity Research Group of Ramkhamhaeng University, and the Marine Science Association of Thailand.

Congress briefs

In order to facilitate interaction, information sharing, cross-fertilization of ideas and networking opportunities for congress participants, the congress followed a dynamic format with activities organized around themes of science, community and policy. To see the main message about each of these themes, click here.

Congress proceedings

Want to stay up to date with current research and practice on small-scale fisheries that have been presented at 3WSFC? Our congress proceedings are now available! Click here to download.

Acknowledgements and awards

We owe the success of the congress to many sponsors, individuals, committees and organizations who helped us turn 3WSFC into reality. We are especially thankful to the congress participants who have made the time and effort to join us in Thailand to chart together the future of small-scale fisheries! Click here to see our acknowledgements to all of you, and to the winners of the 'Best student paper awards'!

Congress in the news

Everyone is talking about what happened at the 3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress! Read here the news articles that have been published about the congress, by some of our congress participants!

Reflections from students and early career scientists

The 3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress was sure a wonderful opportunity for students and early career scientists to share their work and connect with their peers and renowned researchers and practitioners. Learn more about the congress through their eyes!

Congress videos

We have recorded and made available online a number of congress sessions.  If you have missed part of the congress or would like to re-watch some of your favourite moments from the congress, be sure to check the TBTI YouTube channel.