A good book discussing small-scale fisheries

By: Yinji Li (TBTI Japan Coordinator & V2V Japan Country Coordinator)

TBTI Japan e-book "In the era of big change: essays about Japanese small-scale fisheries” was recently introduced in the Suisan-Keizai Daily News (January 21, 2021), an established newspaper delivering latest news on Japanese fisheries.

With a headline "A good book discussing small-scale fisheries," the article showcases the book, noting how its release marked the official start of the TBTI Japan Research Network. After describing the book's purpose, content, authors and commentators, the article closes by emphasizing the book’s importance in facilitating a comprehensive discussions on Japanese small-scale fisheries and quotes a following statement from the TBTI Japan Research Network:

“Japanese small-scale fisheries are in the era of big change under the major fisheries policy reform enforced in December 2020. The new policy places much value on resource management and fishery efficiency; it remains to be seen how Japan will secure small-scale fisheries sustainability.”