Call for contribution: SSF Guidelines cluster

H. Cronin; 2010

Voluntary Guidelines on Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries are simply one of the most significant landmarks for small-scale fisheries around the world. They are comprehensive in terms of topics covered and very progressive with their foundation on human rights and other key principles. It can be anticipated that implementing the guidelines, whether at local, national or regional levels, will not be easy. Thus, research on implementation challenges in various contexts will be an important contribution from TBTI SSF Guidelines Cluster.

At this time, we’re issuing a Call for contribution to anyone interested in writing about this topic to send us the abstract of their case study. You can submit the abstract by completing an online form. Alternatively, you can send the title and abstract of your case study, including the name of the fisheries, location and key topics specified in the guidelines that you plan to focus on, as an email attachment to

We would like to receive this by June 15th, so that we can include it in the discussion at the upcoming MARE Conference, June 23-26, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Depending on what kind of submission we receive, we will decide on what product(s) we will deliver. They could be an e-book of collected case studies, an edited book volume, or journal special issue. The tentative deadline for the first draft of the writing is January 1, 2016, for the launching and presentation of the next Mare conference in 2017