Call for contribution: TBTI special session for MARE Conference 2019 (Transdisciplinarity & Blue Justice)

Call for contribution:
TBTI special session for MARE People and the Sea Conference, 25-28 June 2019

Session title:  “Transdisciplinary Fisheries Sciences for Blue Justice: The Need to Go Between, Across and Beyond”


Organizers: Milena Arias Schreiber (School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden) & Ratana Chuenpagdee (Department of Geography, Memorial University, Canada)

Ocean sustainability has long been a key research agenda for many scientists. Yet, not all disciplines are present at the same scientific conferences to share, exchange and discuss ideas and vision for the ocean. This is the case both at conferences dominated by either social or natural sciences and at interdisciplinary conferences. It is also notable that such collaboration is also lacking among social scientists interested in ocean sustainability, such as those working on social relations and gender may not be working with those working on marine protected areas. In the context of “Blue Economy,” which is gaining popularity as observed at the recent conference in Kenya, the looming absence and the lack of integration threaten the viability of many ocean users, especially small-scale fisheries that constitute the majority. To rectify the situation, Too Big To Ignore (TBTI) Global Research Network is inviting scientists who are interested in ‘transdisciplinary’ research to present their ideas about how to bridge the gaps by going between, across and beyond disciplines in working towards ‘blue justice’ for ocean users and ocean sustainability. In this special session, we want to explore the reasons for the poor scientific collaboration and how it affects fisheries and ocean sustainability, especially how it may exacerbate the marginalization of small-scale fisheries. Further, we are interested in learning about methodological approaches, frameworks and initiatives that have been successful at knowledge integration. Ultimately, we will reflect on the lessons learned and develop strategies for concerted efforts as we move towards the Ocean Decade in 2021.

Proposed format: 2-hour session, oral presentations

Conference stream to which the panel relates: 2: Framing, knowing and dreaming coasts and oceans.

How to participate: If you are interested in joining this special session, please send the title of your talk, name, affiliation and contact information of the presenter and all co-authors, and 100 words synopsis of the presentation to Milena Arias Schreiber ( and Ratana Chuenpagdee ( no later than January 28th.