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Blue Justice Alert

TBTI newest project 'Blue Justice Alert: An Interactive Platform for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries’ is built on the notion that small-scale fishing communities must be able to communicate the urgency of their concerns for timely, appropriate intervention and responses. The aim of the project is to highlight the potential threats and opportunities that the Blue Growth/Economy brings to small-scale fisheries globally. The project, which is closely linked to our existing 'Blue Justice' initiative, is envisioned as an interactive, web-based, mobile platform connecting experts, practitioners and small-scale fishing people.

At the moment, we are inviting small-scale fishers and the wider small-scale fisheries community to send short stories depicting current challenges affecting small-scale fisheries, with a particular focus on social injustice and inequity issues.

These stories will be published on our website as part of the the series ‘Blue Justice Alert Stories’. In addition, the stories will be incorporated in our Blue Justice for Small-Scale Fisheries – A Global Scan’ e-book’ and recorded in ISSF ‘Blue Justice Alert’ dataset. 

How to contribute

1) Send us a short story that depicts the main issue(s) in small-scale fishery you are concerned about. The length of the text should be between 500-1,000 words. Please also include a picture or two of this small-scale fishery, as well as your short bio and photo. The material should be sent to

2) In addition, please complete the 'Blue justice for small-scale fisheries' template (available below in PDF and Word format) as much as you can and return the complete form to us by email at  Once completed, we will use the information from the template to create the chapter in the ‘Blue Justice for Small-Scale Fisheries – A Global Scan’ e-book’ and a record in ISSF ‘Blue Justice Alert’ dataset. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.