Covid-19: Research and responses from organizations supporting SSF

Unal et al.: Impact of COVID-19 on Turkish small-scale fisheries

January, 2021

The infographic presents the key results from the study on the impact of COVID on small-scale fisheries in Turkey based on the questionnaire data. The infographic also shows the expectations of small-scale fishers from the local and national management authorities and the reactions of small-scale fishers to the COVID.

The interviews were conducted between April and June 2020, with 13 representatives of Turkish fishery cooperatives, including the Central Union of Fishery Cooperative, which represents almost 20,000 fishers, most of them from the small-scale fisheries sector.

Produced by: Vahdet Unal (EGE University), Cristina Pita (IIED), Katina Roumbedakis (CESAM). For more information:

COBI: Gender equality at sea? An analysis during the COVID-19 pandemic

Aug 3, 2020

In this report, COBI presents the results of a national consultation made by Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C. with small-scale fishers, in order to document the impacts COVID-19 has had on men and women in fishing communities in Mexico. Incorporating a gender perspective to generate information and design adaptive solutions is an essential component of strengthening the resilience of fishing communities in the current crisis.

Not alone: Supporting and building solutions with small-scale fishers

By: Bruna Brito and Vanessa Eyng, Memorial University

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, many organizations and fishers’ groups rose early to respond to the challenges brought to the fishing sector. Some of them are helping to rearrange markets or promote online sales, as a practical way to ensure the continuity of an essential service. Others are making use of their networks to share critical information about prevention, health protocols, as well as gather data and document the impact of COVID-19 on small-scale fisheries. Many development agencies and donors are also financing initiatives to overcome the impacts of COVID-19 in different levels. Click below to learn about some of these efforts taking place around the world.

FAO: Impact of novel Coronavirus on fisheries and aquaculture

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has made available a set of tools and information to support policy analyses and assess the impacts of Covid-19 on food and agriculture, value chains, food prices and food security. The resources are frequently updated, responding to the evaluation of the pandemic's impacts on different sectors across the food system, and providing information to policymakers. There are specific resources related to small-scale fisheries.

COBI: Mexican fishing communities’ resilience to Covid-19: Economic and social impacts

May 4, 2020

In order to contribute to national and global efforts, Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A. C. (COBI) has begun a consulting process with fishers in eight Mexican states to understand the social and economic impacts of the pandemic, as well as the roles of the State, the distribution of support, the effects on health, local solutions applied by fishers, gender equality, the use of technology, and impact on the environment. This first report reflects the immediate social and economic impacts of COVID-19 and concludes with a series of recommendations expressed by the fishing sector.

ENT Foundation: Mediterranean fisheries withstand the challenge of the coronavirus

April 2020

ENT Foundation analysis of how the coronavirus is impacting the small-scale Mediterranean fisheries 

Spanish fishing fleet has been severely impacted by the coronavirus crisis, with an important decrease in the fishing activity all around the Spanish Mediterranean coast. There are two key elements to understand this evolution: technical difficulties to ensure safe health conditions in fishing vessels with an average length of less than 12 meters and the Mediterranean fishing sector market structure.

Blue Ventures: Covid-19 Resources

Blue Ventures has gathered Covid-19 related updates and resources to provide a focal point for their partners in the community conservation and small-scale fisheries sectors to find reliable and useful information while navigating the pandemic.

If you have resources you think it would be useful to share with Blue Ventures, you can contact them at

Coastal Routes project

Coastal Routes is a network of researchers, coastal communities, and non-profit organizations all united by a  mission of supporting verdant, sustainable, and just coastal livelihoods and places.

Over the past weeks, Coastal Routes project has been connecting weekly with fishers across North America to hear about the impacts of Covid-19 on their lives. They have produced three episodes of a podcast that details their stories. The podcast is called Social FISHtancing.