‘Empowering Women in the Maritime Community’: TBTI discusses partnerships and networking for gender equality

On behalf of TBTI, Milena Arias Schreiber attended the Third International Women's Conference organized by the World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, Sweden, from 4 to 5 April 2019. The theme of the conference was "Empowering Women in the Maritime Community" and TBTI was invited to give a presentation at the last's panel session on 'Partnerships and Networking for Gender Equality'. 

In this presentation TBTI's aims, work and results were briefly summarized and the lessons for this global network's success were discussed. TBTI has currently more than 400 members from more than 80 countries, has published seven books and hundreds of scientific articles (one special issue on '(En)gendering change in SSF and fishing communities in a globalized world'). The presentation also highlighted that the network has organized three international conferences, dozens of webinars (the next one on Gender Equity and Equality in the SSF Guidelines in April) and has launched online campaigns, such as the one on "Blue justice" for the World Fisheries Day, and "These are our stories" for the International Women's Day. The discussion on lessons for success was centered around the following points: the network is open, voluntary, shares a concrete common goal but respects different perspectives and research interests. In her talk, Milena also emphasized that the network has shown to be able to produce rapid and significant results and benefits for all members, and last but not least, it is a lot of fun! 

In celebration of the World Maritime Day 2019, the 3rd International Women’s Conference on the theme “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community” was hosted by The World Maritime University (WMU) on April 4-5, 2019 in Malmö, Sweden.

The aim of the Conference was to identify opportunities to encourage women to pursue careers in the maritime and ocean sectors, and to call for action from maritime and other stakeholders in support of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular, Goal 5 related to gender equality, as a cross-cutting theme.