Eva Coronado, TBTI PhD student, successfully completed her program


August 2020

Eva Coronado, TBTI PhD student, completed her thesis on 'Transdisciplinary assessment of small-scale fisheries: community typology, value chain, and governability assessment'. Eva was studying at CINVESTAV, Mexico, under the supervision of Dr. Silvia Salas, with Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee in the committee. 

About Eva's thesis

Small-scale fisheries (SSF) systems are characterized by their natural and socio-economic complexity, diversity, and dynamics; these characteristics make it difficult to assess and manage this fishing sector. Even though SSF have received more attention in recent years, and global initiatives promote holistic assessment, these practices are not that common, especially in developing countries.

Eva’s research analyzes the SSF system following a transdisciplinary approach by a) classifying the main features of the SSF through a typology and contrasting different communities, b) identifying the main actors and market structure of seafood through a value chain analysis, and c) assessing the fisheries system’ governability and identifying the main features that have an influence on the governance.

The methodological approaches used in each of the components generated novel information that highlights the multidimensional nature of the SSF, emphasizing that a transdisciplinary approach, which accounts for the natural, social, and governing sub-systems, is required to analyze and manage SSF systems. The thesis proposes steps to develop a transdisciplinary assessment and suggests management support tools that can lead to the sustainability of fisheries.

Currently, Eva is teacher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and independent consultant. She is working with TBTI to develop fisheries indicators in order to build a governability index.