Governance structure

Picture1Each working group (WG) has a leader, while each region has two coordinators. The WG leaders guide research to address the ‘big’ questions in small- scale fisheries. Issues and in-depth case studies are identified and selected through a regional consultation process organized by the regional coordinators. Together with the project director, the WG leaders and the regional coordinators form the ‘Project Steering Committee’ (PSC). The roles of this 18-member PSC are to provide intellectual leadership, coordinate activities, connect and motivate members to work collaboratively in pursuing the partnership goals, integrate and mobilize knowledge, and create synergy between researchers and partners.

Partner organizations will be represented in the PSC by the regional coordinators and the WG leaders. Partner organizations will also play a prominent role in another part of the partnership governance structure; the ‘Participatory, Monitoring and Evaluation’ (PM&E) process. In this role, they will provide guidance in project development and work planning, as well as in monitoring progress and evaluating the outcomes of the partnership. Their involvement means that research conducted in this partnership is relevant and responsive to stakeholders, and that the outputs from the partnership will create the desired impacts.