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Regional coverage

Coalition for fair Fisheries Arrangements. (2020, April 01). African Artisanal fishermen call for measures to help the cope with the Covid-19 epidemic
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Restrictions; Traditional markets; Food security; Hygiene and distancing measures; Sanitary kits; Artisanal value chain; Essential activity


Trent, S. (2020, March 25). Ghana’s Law Is Clear: Saiko Fishing Is Illegal – And As Corona Threatens Communities It Is Even More Important That It Ends. Modern Ghana
Keywords: Saiko fisheries; Industrial trawlers; Food security; Coastal communities; Fishing industries

Modern Ghana News desk. (2020, March 24). Fishermen warned not to entertain canoes from neighboring countries.
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Shama District; Circulations restrictions; Neighbouring countries; Canoes transportation


Arab News. (2020, March 23). Coronavirus provides unexpected boost for Kenyan fishermen.
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Chinese imports; Local Fish; Shortages; Local Demand Increased; Lake Victoria.

South Africa

America C. et al. (2020, April 7. Covid-19: The impact on small-scale fishers—A perspective from Ocean View. PLAAS.
Keywords: Proposed responses: Nutritious food; Supply fish to government facilities; Smoke, salt (dry and wet) fish; Lockdown; Fishing industry; Informal fish trade; Protective gear; Sanitation requirements; Demand from China; Oversupply of lobsters; Injustice to small-scale fishers

Christianson, B. (2020, March 22). How Covid-19 outbreak affected South African Fishermen. Aljazeera
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; The Department of Environmental, Forestry and Fisheries; Extension of harvesting season; small-scale fishers and community; Shutdown of markets; West coast rock lobster; Fishing village; Chinese demand; Closure of markets

Asia and Oceania


Carreon, B. (2020, April 03). Australian government provides AUD 110 million support package to seafood industry. Seafood Source
Keywords: Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA); Financial support from the government; Australia’s seafood export trade; National Package; Offshore markets; Job losses

Kearns, M. (2020, March 26). Struggling commercial fishers in Australia offered levy deferrals as global pandemic rages on. Seafood Source
Keywords: The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA); Commercial fishers; Government support; Financial brunt; Levy deferrals; Seafood Industry Australia (SIA)

Major, T. (2020, March 22). Coronavirus devastates Bowen’s fishing industry, farmers face uncertain winter. ABC News 
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Governmental Assistance; Waiving quota; License fees; Chilled production; Export markets; Live coral trout trade; North Queensland town of Bowen

Heath, M. (2020, February 26). The World’s Most China Reliant Economy Reels from Virus Shockwaves. Bloomberg
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative; Boat captains; Deckhands; Truck drivers; Export packers; Demand from China; Ocean “dragon”; Local fishers

Plaganyi, E., Murphy, N., Deng, R.A., Pascoe, S., Hutton, T. (2020, February 18). Coronavirus is killing Australia’s lobster export market. The Conversation
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; CSIRO; Frozen market; Low price; Indigenous islanders; Small businesses; Loss of livelihoods; Demand from China; Live rock lobster

Graham, J. (2020, January 29). Coronavirus brings south-west Victoria’s rock lobster fishing industry to grinding halt. The Canberra Times
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Apollo Bay-based Victorian Rock Lobster Association; Uncaught quotas; South-west fishers; Shut down of exports; Crayfish export market; South West Victoria’s rock lobster industry; Canceled export orders


Narasimhan, T.E. (2020, April 04). Rough times for fisheries to get worse after Covid-19 lockdown is lifted. Business Standard
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Coastal districts in Tamil Nadu; Closed markets; Lockdown; Annual fishing ban

The Hindu Business Line. (2020, April 03). Kerala partially eases fishing curbs, allows country crafts to venture into sea.
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; IT application; Hassle-free selling; Advanced booking; Kerela; Essential business; Fishing activity concessions

Ananth, M.K. (2020, April 01). Covid-19 lockdown: Fish in stock, but fishermen at sea. Times of India
Keywords: Vulnerability & viability; Fishing activity concessions; Kanyakumari district; Stringent restrictions on transportation; Drop in exports; National lockdown; Low prices; Fish loss

Kumar, V.S., Wadke, R. (2020, March 30). Lockdown: Fishing community in deep waters. The Hindu Business Line
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Raigad; Maharashtra; Ice factories; Fishing harbours; Absence of transportation facilities

Kumar, V.S. (2020, January 27). Coronavirus threat disrupts crab exports from India. The Hindu Business Line
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Kollam; Kannur; Malappuram; Green crabs; Live crab shipments; Chinese demand; Red female crab; Wholesale dealers


Mubarok, F. (2020, April 07). As Covid-19 hit seafood sales, Indonesian fishers worry about sinking livelihood. Eco-Business
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries; Low income; Job losses; Low demand

Diana, E. (2020, February 23). Coronavirus, trawls take a toll on shrimp fishery in Indonesia’s Jambi. Mongaba
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Shrimp-fishing community in Jambi; Sumatra Island; Drop in exports, Demand from China; Lack of government assistance


ISNA. (2020, April 12). Fish and shrimp market under the sharp razor of Corona. Iran Fisheries Organization
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Iran Fisheries Organization; Packed fish; Online shopping

IRNA. (2020, April 11). Coronavirus stopped cold-water bazar in Mazandaran.
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Local fisheries; Sales decreased; Mazandaran

Mehrnews. (2020, April 04). 23% decrease in fishing bony fishes in Gilan.
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Fishery decreased; Bony fish

Borna. (2020, April 01). Fish market in full possession of COVID-19!.
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Mazandaran fish market; Decrease in price; Low demand

IRNA. (2020, March 29). Coronavirus halved bony-fishes fishing in Mazandaran.
Keywords: Caspian Sea; Mazandaran; Fishery decreased

Hormozgan Fisheries Organization. (2020, March 18). Validation of all licenses issued by Hormozgan Fisheries and Aquaculture Department extended until the end of May.
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Iran Fishery Industry; Extended fisheries licenses; Hormozgan Fisheries and Aquaculture Department

IRNA. (2020, March 16). Coronavirus locks piscicultures in Sowmeh-Sara.
Keywords: Sowmeh-sara; Low demand; Low income

Azer News. (2020, March 10). Iran Fisheries Organization to evaluate situation with exports amid COVID-19 spread.
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; International workers; Indian fishers


Fish Information & Services. (2003, December 20). Sapporo Central Wholesale Market stops Seafood Auctions.
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Postponed auction; Sapporo Central Wholesale Market


Gulf Digital News. (2004, June 20). Kuwait closes fish and livestock markets to curb Covid-19 spread.
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Lockdown; Fish and livestock markets


Dao, T. (2020, March 19). Myanmar continues to export seafood to China, despite COVID-19 hurdles. SeafoodSource
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Chinese demand; Myanmar Fisheries Department

Eleven News. (2020, February 26). Entrepreneurs call for removal of crab fishing ban due to COVID-19.
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Labutta Crab Entrepreneurs Association; Local markets; Demand from China

New Zeland

Fisheries New Zealand. (2020, April 09). Commercial fishers and aquaculture farmers during COVID-19.
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI); Commercial fishers; Maintaining social distance in work; Essential service

Kirkness, L. (2020, April 06). Covid 19 coronavirus: Fishermen in Auckland caught breaking lockdown rules. The New Zealand Herald
Keywords: Auckland; Lockdown; Fishers arrested; Non-compliance of rules and regulations

Flaws, B. (2020, March 03). Coronavirus: Relief for crayfish fishers welcomed, but it falls short. The Timaru Herald
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries; Rock Lobster Industry Council; Financial aid; Uncaught quotas

Taunton, E., Cropp, A. (2020, February 05). Coronavirus: Crayfish not exported to China to be freed. The Timaru Herald
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries; New Zealand Trade and Enterprise; Crayfish; Local fishing communities; Fishing industry; Health, welfare and sustainability of the rock lobster fishery; Biosecuriy; Economic impact


Starratt, A. (2020, April 19). MoAF closes fishing village in Al Wusta Governorate. Y-pulse of Oman
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Oman’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF); Ras Madrakah area; Duqm Wilaya; Fishers’ village closed

Times of Oman. (2020, March 28). Fish market to close in three governorates in Oman.
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Oman’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF); Fish markets closed; North and South Al Batinah; South Sharqiyah

Papua New Guinea

Tom, P. (2020, April 15). Koki Fish Market Supply Returns. Papua New Guinea Post-Courier
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Local fishers; Koki Fresh Fish Market; Morseby South district; Higher demand on local fish; Lockdown

United Arab Emirates

Zacharias, A. (2020, April 19). UAE fish prices drop as seasonal ban remains suspended. The National
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment; Low prices; Seasonal ban lifted; Safi; Sheri; Shark

Shaaban, A. (2020, March 29). Coronavirus in UAE: Now, get fresh fish delivered at your doorstep in Fujairah. Khaleej Times
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Fujairah; Home delivery

Gulf News. (2020, March 24). COVID-19: Abu Dhabi closes open fish, meat markets.
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority; Seafood industry; Closing measures


Mai Pham Thị, S. (2020, April 07). Cold storage is heavily overloaded. Vietnam Fisheries Magazine
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (Vasep); Policy for cold storage development; Mekong Delta; Low prices; Pangasius; Shrimp

Mai Pham Thị, S. (2020, April 07). Slump in sales of Sapa salmon due to Covid-19. Vietnam Fisheries Magazine
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Distributors of Sa Pa salmon; Shipping fees; Low prices; Closed markets

Mai Pham Thị, S. (2020, April 07). Hà Nội’s prices of lobsters fall a further 30%. Vietnam Fisheries Magazine
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Hanoi; Low prices; Baby lobster

Mai Pham Thị, S. (2020, March 30). Pangasius industry has been hit by Covid-19. Vietnam Fisheries Magazine
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Chinese demand; Hong Kong demand; Circulation restarting; Pangasius farmers; Access to Resources & Markets

Mai Pham Thị, S. (2020, March 30). Prices of tuna slump without being exported due to Covid-19. Vietnam Fisheries Magazine
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Binh Dinh; Phú Yên; Khanh Hoa; Tuna; Low prices; Production cost; Storage capacity

Mai Pham Thị, S. (2020, February 26). The Cà Mau crab capital is seeking new market amid Covid-19 epidemic. Vietnam Fisheries Magazine
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Chinese demand; Cà Mau crab capital; New markets; Low prices


Regional coverage

Ferreira, J. (2020, April 01). Covid19 – Sustainable fisheries sectors need immediate support. GUE/NGL News


Percy, J. (2020, April 03). Covid-19 and small-scale fisheries: markets collapse and fishers left without social protection. LIFE
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Income support; Direct sales; Local markets; Food supplies; Access to storage; Sanitary requirements

Bergeret, P. (2020, February 25). The low impact fishers of Europe LIFE. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Low impact fishing gears


Chrysostmou, A. (2020, April 16). Fishermen welcome government aid. Cyprus Mail
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Fishery department; Marina Argyrou; Financial support; Professional fishers; Paphos Fishermen Association;

Hadjioannou, B. (2020, March 24). Fisheries Department says no amateur fishing. in-cyprus
Keywords: Marina Argyrou; Amator fishers; Fisheries and Marine Research Department; Agriculture Ministry; Closed activity


Orlandini, C. (2020, January 13). The Finnish Winter Seining Fishery could soon disappear because of climate change. LIFE
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF); Community-led Local Development (CLLD); Fisheries Local Action Groups; New sources of income; Snowchange Cooperative


Le Brenne, V. (2020, April 08). COVID-19: Let’s preserve small-scale coastal fisheries to safeguard our common good and our future. BLOOM
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Technological innovation; Producer Organizations; Wealth of small-scale fisheries

Bergeret, P. (2020, February 25). Improving sustainable agriculture and fisheries, for ensuring food and nutrition security and for developing rural and coastal territories. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Mediterranean; Impact on agriculture and fisheries; Food security


Percy, J. (2020, April 09). Covid 19: Irish Islands’ Call for Tailored Emergency Measures for Small Scale Fishers. LIFE
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; The Irish Islands Marine Organization (IIMR); Direct income support; Repayment on loans; Fishing gears; Vessels maintenance; Donegal; Mayo; Galway; Cork

Mooney, A. (2020, March 24). FISH FEARS Coronavirus in Ireland – Fishermen block foreign trawlers from arriving at Kerry port over Covid-19 fears. News on The Irish Sun
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Dingle; Castletownbere; Foreign fishers


Kraan, M., Himes-Cornel, A., Colburn, L. (2020, April 07). The impact of COVID 19 on fishing industries in ICES countries. ICES News
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES); The Working Group on Social Indicators (WGSOCIAL); Transportation routes; Closed borders


Ropa, M. (2020, April 03). Vigo, Spain works to keep its fisheries value chain going in the time of COVID-19, Not business as usual in Europe’s largest fishing port. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Keywords: Vulnerability & Viability; Vigo; Workers health; Galicia; Consumer behaviour; Low prices; Low demand; Fresh fish market


Haberler. (2020, April 01). Fish sales negatively affected by Corona virus in Çanakkale.
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Low demand; High prices; Low fishing activity

Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry. (2020, March 31). Fishing prohibitions under Covid-19 precautions.
Keywords: Operational Health & Safety; Lockdown; Fishery activities prohibited to citizens

United Kingdom

McVeigh, K., Fordyce, D. (2020, April 10). Scottish fishermen turn to food banks as Covid-19 devastates industry. News on The Guardian
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Financial support; Scotland; Shellfish; Low demand; Low prices;

Sinkevičius, V. (2020, April 03). Impact of the Global Covid-19 Pandemic on UK Fisheries. LIFE
Keywords: Access to Resources & Markets; Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA); Financial support; Low prices; Scallops; Lobster; Crab; Delays in fishing season; Halibut

Latin America and the Caribbean

Regional coverage

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. (2020, April 03). 25 Latin American and Caribbean countries coordinate to support the regular functioning of the food system during the COVID-19 crisis




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Epagri. (2020, April 13). Coronavirus in SC: Epagri releases a manual to guide farmers and fishermen.

Cavalcante, D. (2020, April 09). Tamandare fishermen adopt online trading to survive the pandemic. Diario de Pernambuco

Ceci, M. (2020, April 08). Demand drops 80% In Mercado do Peixe and Canto do Mangue. Tribuna do Norte

Diario de Pernambuco. (2020, April 06). Students create Everyone for Artisanal Fishing campaign to support fishing community.

Gimenes, E. (2020, April 01). Stopped by the coronavirus, artisanal fishermen fear not receiving government aid. Brasil de Fato

CPP Communication Advisory. (2020, April 01). Artisanal fishermen try to guarantee the inclusion of fishing professionals in the Basic Income Project of Emergency Citizenship that will be voted on today.

Castro, W., Ribeiro, E. (2020, March 30). Closing markets damages income of 6 thousand fishers in the Amapá, says category. G1

Manhanini, D. (2020, March 27). Pre-orders keep fishermen’s income during quarantine in Marica. Plantao em Foco


Full list

Evans, J. (2020, April 06). Chilean salmon farming industry establishes $2.4 million fund to aid workers, communities fighting coronavirus. IntraFish

Aqua. (2020, March 20). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Federation of Artisan Fishermen wrote a letter to the Chilean government asking for help.

Aqua. (2020, March 19). Covid-19: Fishermen made a request to the Government due to the decrease by 80% in sales of fish and shellfish.

Mereghetti, M. (2020, March 19). Salmon prices drop even as Chile travel restrictions limit export capacity to US. Undercurrent News

Aqua. (2020, March 18). Condepp: “We need urgent help from the government”.

Aqua. (2020, March 17). The government stated that they had “generated direct communication” with artisan fishery.


Full list

Morgan-Lindo, S. (2020, April 09). Fishermen say COVID curfews hurting their livelihood. Jamaica Star

Monteith, S. (2020, April 01). No Fish Selling – COVID-19 dries up business for St Thomas vendors. Jamaica Gleaner

North America


Full list

Kennedy, E., Roberts, T., Adey, J. (2020, April 19). FFAW calling for further delay for crab fishery, as COVID-19 protocols released. CBC News

Stueck, W. (2020, April 19). Heiltsuk Nation fishery collapses as COVID-19 wipes out export market. The Globe and Mail

Yarr, K. (2020, April 17). Frustration with DFO growing over lobster fishery, says P.E.I. premier. CBC News

Bruce, S. (2020, April 15). Most P.E.I. lobster fishermen want spring season to go ahead despite COVID-19, survey suggests. CBC News

Loring, P.A., De Sousa, E., Harrison, H.L., Stoll, J. (2020, April 14). As coronavirus threatens seafood economy, community fisheries find ways to stay afloat. The Conversation

Food Processing Technology. (2020, April 14). Canada announces financial aid for workers in food supply chain.

Yarr, K. (2020, April 13). Labour ‘a big issue’ as P.E.I. fish processors prepare for spring season. CBC News

Barry, G. (2020, April 11). Can you fish in a pandemic? Seafood industry facing hard COVID-19 questions. CBC News

Gunn, A. (2020, April 11). Northern N.S. lobster fishermen fear impact of COVID-19 on communities. The Chronical Herald Publication

Banerjee, S., Reynolds, C. (2020, April 10). Snow crab fishing delayed in Gulf of St. Lawrence due to COVID-19 concerns. CTV News

Davis, T. (2020, April 10). Some Islanders upset with delay to recreational fishing season. CBC News

Gordon, M. (2020, April 08). B.C.’s fishing industry grapples with COVID-19-related impacts. The Weather Network News

Page, J., Fequet, B. (2020, April 08). Fishermen in Eastern Quebec want season postponed to avoid COVID-19 outbreak in fishing villages. CBC News

McLaughlin, R., Currie, E. (2020, April 07). Local fishermen can’t sell their catch after COVID-19 closes restaurants, slows exports. CTV News

Anselmi, E. (2020, April 06). Winter fisheries on Baffin Island see changes due to COVID-19. Nunatsiaq News

Barker, J. (2020, April 06). Fishing industry in Windsor-Essex shut down during peak season due to COVID-19 Social Sharing. CBC news

Smith, E. (2020, April 06). Lunenburg lobster captain sells directly to consumers to stay afloat during COVID-19. CBC News

Ayers, T. (2020, April 03). Chéticamp residents worry out-of-province fishery workers could bring COVID-19. CBC News

Fish, Food and Allied Workers UNIFOR. (2020, April 03). Fish processors put profits over people in push to open fishery.

Barry, G. (2020, April 02). Bonavista mayor forecasts ‘doubling and tripling’ of regional unemployment rate. CBC news

Beaton, S. (2020, March 31). Our markets gone, call fishing season off. Saltwire Network

Adey, J. (2020, March 26). Harvester, union president and minister of fisheries all navigating the impact of corona virus on fishing industry’. CBC The Broadcast

McPhail, C. (2020, March 03). Major seafood expo postponed over COVID-19 concerns. CBC News

Withers, P. (2020, February 27). When will lobster flights resume to China? It depends who you ask. CBC News

United States of America

Full list

Byinton, L. (2020, April 09). Maine seafood industry struggles to adjust to a coronavirus, COVID-19 economy. Grocery Dive

Mahoney, E. (2020, April 08). Local fishing industry sees silver lining amid Coronavirus crisis. Kazu News

Reily, L. (2020, April 08). Commercial fishing industry in free fall as restaurants close, consumers hunker down and vessels tie up. The Washington Post News

Drummond, C. (2020, April 06). Weathering the storm: Rhode Island’s commercial fishery hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic. The Westerly Sun

Abel, D. (2020, April 03). With restaurants closed, New England fishing industry grinds to a halt. Boston Globe

Scandale, M. (2020, April 02). Virus economic damage to commercial fishing grows daily. The Sandpaper News

Bittenbender, S. (2020, March 26). USD 300 million in aid earmarked for seafood industry in US stimulus package. SeafoodSource

Watson, J. (2020, March 26). A Quarantine Special.’ After a month at sea, California tuna fisherman return home to Coronavirus storm. Time

Earl, E. (2020, March 25). Fishing industry grapples with fallout from coronavirus response. Alaska Journal of Commerce

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries U.S. Department of Commerce. (2020, March 24). NOAA Fisheries issues emergency action to waive observer coverage on a case-by-case basis.

Jan, T., Reiley, L. (2020, March 18). Suspension of visa processing for Mexican seasonal workers hits U.S. farms, fisheries. The Washington Post

Cohen, P. (2020, March 06). Florida lobster got a break on China tariffs. Then came coronavirus. The New York Times

Inter-regional or global coverage

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International Council for the Exploration of the Sea. (2020, April 07). The impact of COVID 19 on fishing industries in ICES countries