Join TBTI at the MARE policy day: 25 June, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2013

Similar to those in other parts of the world, small-scale fishers in Europe face many challenges, like market competition, urban development, and the expansion of coastal tourism. Despite the challenges, small-scale fisheries have tended to get relatively little attention in fishery management debates. The new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), still under negotiation and expected to enter into force in 2014, is likely to introduce specific new measures for small-scale fisheries. That raises challenges: is there appropriate knowledge on small-scale fisheries and what governance arrangements would best achieve the policy goals?

To address these current and emerging concerns related to small-scale fisheries, join us at the upcoming Mare policy day "Giving Small-Scale Fisheries a Place: The Knowledge and Governance Challenges",  June 25, 2013,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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