Postdoctoral Fellowship on ‘SSF as Solutions’

A one-year post-doctoral fellowship is available for an eligible candidate interested in contributing to several social science projects within the Too Big To Ignore Global.

The successful candidate will work across several projects with the broader goal of addressing issues and concerns affecting viability and sustainability of small-scale fisheries across the world. Specifically, the candidate will be responsible for conducting review and desk-study research, coordinating and analyzing case studies data, populating and visualizing data in the information system, developing media contents and communication materials, and mobilizing knowledge produced, through both peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed publications. The successful candidate will be supported to attend at least one scientific conference to disseminate the research findings.

The appointment is for one-year, beginning as early as possible.

The fellowship amount is CAD 57,000 per annum, plus benefits.

The post-doctoral position will be based at the Department of Geography at Memorial University in St. John’s, NL, Canada. Arrangements can be made to accommodate flexible work hours and remote working possibility.


  • Work closely with a team of researchers from within and outside academia, conducting research through systematic literature reviews and qualitative and quantitative datasets analysis.
  • Contribute to the ‘Blue Justice for Small-Scale Fisheries’ project that focuses on strengthening the capacity of small-scale fisheries to achieve viability, food security and sustainability.
  • Support the enhancement of the ‘Information System on Small-scale Fisheries (ISSF), a global collaborative online database providing information on small-scale fisheries to help enhance knowledge about this sector and their overall contributions.
  • Apply the analytical framework ‘I-ADApT’ (Assessment based on Description and responses and Appraisal for a Typology) to analyze global changes in marine systems.
  • Prepare and deliver research findings and dissemination materials, in the form of research reports, research/policy briefs and scientific manuscripts, and at scientific conferences.

Essential and desirable qualifications 

  • PhD qualification in social sciences, fisheries/marine/ocean science, environmental sciences/studies or other relevant fields;
  • Excellent quantitative and qualitative skills, with an ability to conduct global review, system analysis and synthesis of large data;
  • Ability to work effectively in an interdisciplinary team to generate and deliver research findings;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Outstanding writing, digital and verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to translate complex ideas into accessible concepts and language, tailored to different audiences; and
  • Simple coding knowledge, website development experience, and multiple language skill, are a plus.

The application deadline is April 15, 2023.

For more information about the fellowship and on how to apply, click here.