Report: Symposium on small-scale fisheries in Asia-Pacific and beyond

The Symposium on Small-Scale Fisheries in Asia-Pacific Region and Beyond took place between 6-9th of August 2016 in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand. The symposium focused on aspects of small-scale fisheries that are relevant for the Asia- Pacific region, particularly those related to inland fisheries, values of fish for food security, gender in fisheries, and community responses to global change. Since participants included those from within and outside Asia-Pacific, the symposium offered a unique opportunity for lesson sharing and cross-fertilization of ideas and experience.

The workshop, which was organized by TBTI, brought together 35 participants from Asia-Pacific (Thailand, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri-Lanka, Australia, India, Philippines), North America (Canada, USA), Africa (Zimbabwe, South Africa), and Europe (Italy, Norway, France). Presenters at the symposium included TBTI partner organizations (i.e. FAO Headquarters and SEAFDEC), students, early career scientists, practitioners, and TBTI cluster coordinators and collaborators in Asia-Pacific, Africa, and North America. Ratana Chuenpagdee, TBTI Project Director, chaired the symposium and facilitated the discussion.

The symposium included overview presentations about the three TBTI research clusters, i.e. Inland Fisheries, Fish as Food, and Global Change Responses. A special session on women and gender was also organized. This topic later became formalized as a TBTI research cluster at the symposium. The symposium also provided ample opportunities for short presentations, discussion in small groups and in plenary. Presentation and discussion about the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines also took place, recognizing particularly the role that SEAFDEC plays in facilitating discussion about the regional plan of actions for Southeast Asia. The symposium ended with a visit to a fish market, a dam, and a tour of inland aquaculture.

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