Research Priorities Survey

priorities_surveyThe goal of the Research Priorities for Small-Scale Fisheries Survey is to help understand what information is most needed by those who are making decisions about the development, use, and governance of fisheries resources, and the impacts of fishing on coastal communities and the environment.

Questions submitted will be synthesized by an international team of individuals from the public sector, fishing organizations, researchers, and non-profit organizations. We will use a variety of approaches to reduce the full set of submissions to a final list of the Top 100 research questions that, if answered, would substantially advance our understanding about small-scale fisheries so that concerns and issues about this sector can be addressed. We will disseminate the Top 100 priorities to fishing organizations, policy makers, research funders, and the scientific community. We hope to spark efforts that will help increase research to address small-scale fisheries concerns and issues around the world.

The first deadline for submission was August 15th, 2011. Thanks to those who submitted questions. We are continuing the survey because we did not get enough questions, especially from policy makers, NGOs, communities and fisher groups. Please submit more questions and help solicit questions from these under-represented groups.

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