Sign up to TBTI new Research Clusters

2TBTI is moving into a new phase with the organization of activities around twelve ‘research clusters’, several of which are linked to the original themes, but many are added based on inputs received in Merida and beyond. By creating these new clusters, our goal is to make sure that we have ‘products’ that are visible, relevant and that would create impact at various levels, including at policy and decision-making.

Find out what each cluster is planning to do and sign up to be part of this exciting work. You can join as many clusters as you like. Note that your participation in the cluster(s) is voluntary (i.e. there will be no remuneration). We need help from everyone to build knowledge to address issues and concerns affecting small-scale fisheries and to contribute to securing their sustainable future.

The discussion about the cluster will begin in early next year. So make sure you sign up before then!