New e-book release: Small in scale, big in contributions

Small in Scale, Big in Contributions:
Advancing Knowledge of Small-Scale Fisheries in Bangladesh

Edited by Mohammad Mahmudul Islam

This book is a comprehensive guide for small-scale fisheries in Bangladesh for those interested in learning more about this vital sector. It provides an overview of the importance of small-scale fisheries, the challenges they face, and the opportunities they offer. This edited volume includes contributions from academics, researchers, NGO representatives, and practitioners who have a stake in Bangladesh's small-scale fisheries. The book is designed to provide a thorough  introduction to small-scale fisheries in Bangladesh and help readers understand the importance of preserving this valuable resource. We hope this book will be of great use to those interested in learning more about the country’s small-scale fisheries and in supporting the sustainable  management of this important resource. We also hope it will raise public awareness and inform policymakers of the need to protect these valuable fisheries and the livelihoods of the people who depend on them.

Mohammad Mahmudul Islam, Sylhet Agricultural University

Small-scale fisheries are certainly big in Bangladesh, both in terms of number and importance. The book ‘Small in Scale, Big in Contributions’ contains evidences of this statement, illustrated in 37 chapters by 85 authors, under the editorship of Prof. Mohammad Mahmudul Islam of Sylhet Agricultural University. In addition to colleagues from his university, Prof. Islam has invited scientists and researchers from around the country, many of them early career scientists, to write about diverse topics of small-scale fisheries in various water bodies. Together, the book offers a rare opportunity to appreciate what small-scale fisheries in Bangladesh look like and why they are important, while presenting key concerns and challenges facing the sector. Despite their value and contribution, many people involved in small-scale fisheries, especially women in post-harvest  activities, remain economically and politically marginalized, and are highly vulnerable to different types of changes around them.

Being big in number has a disadvantage in terms of gaining a full understanding about the whole system. Yet, as shown through this e-book, the collaboration and dedication of researchers and scientists from various disciplines and institutions can help fill in the gap and connect the dots for better understanding about small-scale fisheries in Bangladesh. This book truly enhances the knowledge about the sector, and it is with great pleasure and privilege that we share this volume with the world.

Ratana Chuenpagdee,TBTI Global

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Mohammad Mahmudul Islam is an Associate Professor in the Department of Coastal and Marine Fisheries at Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh. With a background in marine science and fisheries development studies, he is an interdisciplinary marine social scientist with interests in coastal social-ecological systems. He has more than twelve years of experience in conducting research on coastal communities, small-scale fisheries and marine conservation in Bangladesh. Some of his works focused on policy and marine management, thus he had gathered experiences in working at the science-policy interface.

TBTI Global Book Series

Small is Scale, Big In Contributions: Advancing Knowledge of Small-Scale Fisheries in Bangladesh is the eight book published under TBTI Global Book Series. This publication series aims to highlight why we need to pay close attention to small-scale fisheries. The series will be of use to anyone interested in learning more about small-scale fisheries, especially about their important contribution to livelihoods, well-being, poverty alleviation and food security, as well as to those who are keen to help raise profile of small-scale fisheries in the policy realm.

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Mohammad Mahmudul Islam (Ed.) 2023. Small is Scale, Big In Contributions: Advancing Knowledge of Small-Scale Fisheries in Bangladesh. TBTI Global Publication Series, St. John's, NL,Canada.