Small-Scale Fisheries Sustainability: Progress and Challenges

Chapter from the Ocean Yearbook Online 

Authors: Ratana Chuenpagdee* & Vesna Kerezi**

*TBTI Director, ** TBTI Project Manager

"Unless social justice is the principle focus of the discussion about blue growth/blue economy, small-scale fisheries will be at risk of becoming more marginalized, economically and politically, and more vulnerable to the existing and emerging stressors and pressures. It is imperative to examine why and how injustices take place, and with what con-sequences, especially now that many countries are making new investments under the umbrella of sustainable ocean development."

Through an overview of the status of small-scale fisheries, the chapter highlights the current and emerging challenges facing the sector and outlines some of the most promising approaches and instruments that can ensure their sustainability and enhance their ability to contribute to achieving the SDGs.

The Ocean Yearbook Online is an annual publication devoted to assessing the state of ocean and coastal governance, knowledge, and management. Each volume contains key legal and policy instruments and an annually updated global directory of ocean-related organizations. The volume editors are Aldo Chircop, Scott Coffen-Smout, and Moira L. McConnell.