SSF Profile Country Competition


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We are calling for TBTI members to collaboratively create as many SSF profiles in their country as possible. The number of profiles completed in addition to the work involved in their completion will be considered when deciding a winner. All participating countries will be put on the priority list for ‘capacity development workshop’ (valued at about CAD 5,000), which we will conduct in 2016. The ‘winning country’ will be on the top of the list, meaning that we will conduct our first capacity development workshop in this country, on the topics identified by the country members. Details about the workshops will be provided when the winner is announced.

Write to if you wish to be the ‘coordinator’ of a country. Special recognition will be given to all country coordinators.

Visit ISSF to complete the profile. Competition ends on February 29th, 2016. If you have any questions or need help with ISSF, please contact us at

Help share information about SSF in your country by participating in the competition!


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