TBTI at the Cod – Building the Fishery of the Future Conference, Nov 28-29, 2017

With the Northern cod stock rebuilding, how does Newfoundland and Labrador create a competitive, sustainable and viable cod fishery for the future? Discussing this question was the goal of the Cod – Building the Fishery of the Future Conference held in Gander, Newfoundland from 28 to 29 of November 2017, attended by the TBTI PhD candidate Miguel Lorenzi.

The conference participants discussed opportunities and challenges for a new cod fishery in the Newfoundland and Labrador. Presenters from the governmental agencies, fishery industry, and non-governmental agencies, as well as from abroad, brought information to help create a sustainable, viable, globally competitive cod fishery that could be particularly attractive to the youth.  

The latest information on the current and expected future state of the cod stock was presented, and accordingly to the Canadian Department of the Fisheries and Oceans the cod population is growing but at slow rates. Presenters agreed that Newfoundland and Labrador cod fisheries will need to invest in harvesting and processing technologies, including boats, and market strategies in order to became viable and competitive. In response to that, the Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources of Newfoundland and Labrador, Mr. Gerry Byrne, announced during the conference a support fund to the harvesting sector.