TBTI Global Book Series

Highlighting why we need to pay close attention to small-scale fisheries

As a global research network on small-scale fisheries, TBTI has produced several books, journal articles, and reports on key aspects of small-scale fisheries, geared mostly to academic audiences, the research community, and policy-makers. It has always been our ambition, however, to publish books and articles for the general public as part of our contribution to raise awareness about small-scale fisheries and elevate their profile in policy discourse.

The series will be of use to anyone interested in learning more about small-scale fisheries, especially about their important contribution to livelihoods, well-being, poverty alleviation and food security, as well as to those who are keen to help raise profile of small-scale fisheries in the policy realm.


‘Life Above Water,’ written by one of the founding members of TBTI, Prof. Svein Jentoft, offers thoughtful reflections about small-scale fisheries. His essays provide the public with a way to understand the ‘why’ question of social science research, at the same time encouraging fellow social and transdisciplinary scientists to continue to work towards making real change on the ground while maintaining scientific integrity. For those reading about small-scale fisheries for the first time, ‘Life Above Water’ brings to the fore the meaning and value of small-scale fisheries and why we should care about them.

Where can I find this book?

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This book is available in the e-book format. If you would like to receive a copy, send us an email at tbti.global@gmail.com with a ‘Life Above Water’ in the subject line.

Great Fish for a Change,’ edited by TBTI Project Manager, Vesna Kerezi, and written by TBTI members and collaborators, offers first hand recollections about small-scale fisheries of Newfoundland and Labrador. The volume is a rich and colourful compilation of essays, photos, stories, and recipes, which tell a poignant story about a fisheries way of life. While the primarily focus of the book is to shine more light on the importance of locally sourced fish for the food security, the authors explore a much wider spectrum of issues that are all in one way or another, linked to small-scale fisheries. The book offers a glimpse of what small-scale fisheries in Newfoundland look like today and the transformations they are going through.

Where can I find this book?

For details about the book, CLICK HERE. To download the e-book, CLICK HERE.