Research brief – Giving European Small-Scale Fisheries a Place

The Too Big to Ignore network is pleased to announce the publication of its first research brief, Giving European Small-Scale Fisheries a Place: Research Priorities and Opportunities. This research brief draws from the discussions at the MARE Policy Day, Giving Small-Scale Fisheries a Place: the knowledge and governance challenges, which we organized on 25 June 2013 in Amsterdam. It focuses on the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and outlines some key research priorities to address the needs of small-scale fisheries (SSF) and how this sector can best implement the new CFP to create positive change.

The need for a greater understanding of SSF and for further investment in research for SSF in Europe has been emphasized throughout the CFP reform process. We hope this research brief will provide a useful starting point or guide to some of the research priorities and needs for Europe’s SSF community.

Please feel free to share this research brief with other colleagues in your network or download it for further use by clicking on the TBTI research brief SSF Europe If you have any questions, please contact TBTI, (

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