INFOFISH speaks to TBTI Global Director

Industry profile: INFOFISH speaks to Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee

Since the adoption of the SSF Guidelines in 2014, I think we have seen a rise of interest in small-scale fisheries from governments (national and inter-governmental), philanthropic foundations, environmental organisations, and research and academic institutions. I have seen more funding go to support research, capacity building and awareness-raising activities targetting small-scale fisheries. We have seen huge improvements in information and knowledge about small-scale fisheries, including efforts to improve data collection systems in several countries that disaggregate them from large-scale fisheries. We have seen policies that are sensitive and responsive to the characteristics and the needs of small-scale fisheries, including being gender-sensitive and pro-poor. These are all very positive, and it makes next year an exciting opportunity for lesson sharing, and of course, celebration.

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