The future of SSF

Unlocking Legal and Policy Frameworks for Small-Scale Fisheries: Global Illustrations

New TBTI e-book by Vesna Kerezi, Julia Nakamura, Mostafa El Halimi & Ratana Chuenpagdee (Eds)

To date, only a handful of countries had necessary conditions to take action to implement the SSF Guidelines. The purpose of this book is to encourage countries to take the required steps in appraising the extent to which the current fisheries legislation and policies are applicable for SSF governance. Such step can begin with an evaluation of relevant legal and policy instruments against the principles and recommendations of the SSF Guidelines, as shown in this book through the 15 country-based assessments. It is an instrument that can help determine what needs to be done to facilitate and ensure the SSF Guidelines implementation for sustainable SSF.

Why Small-Scale Fisheries Matter

Story by Linda Behnken, USA

Our world is at a tipping point. We tip away from environmental bankruptcy only if we listen to an older and more tested wisdom. Native cultures offer that deeper wisdom, as do the small-scale fishermen whose lives have been regulated by wind, tide, and current. Perhaps the ultimate value of small-scale fisheries and fishermen is their ability to lead us back to a sustainable relationship with the ocean and planet that sustain us.

Small-Scale Fishers Exist on the Margin amid COVID-19

Story by By Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun, Bangladesh

Small-scale fisheries play a crucial role for global food and livelihood security. In a developing country such as Bangladesh, they are immensely important. Short-term responses to the pandemic must be rapid and aimed to the most vulnerable group of small-scale fisher. In the long term, there is a need to formulate a coordinated response and support network to recuperate the condition of the food system and resilience of the small-scale fisheries sector.

SSF Hub: Strengthening Small-Scale Fisheries through Partnership and Community

An interactive SSF platform developed by SSF Hub community

The purpose of the SSF Hub is to create one space where users can exchange information, ideas, and stories with other people and organizations working in small-scale fisheries. It is meant to be a growing community: providing access to the many experiences, initiatives and tools to support sustainable small-scale fisheries.

Marine Conservation Activities for Small-Scale Fisheries in Tairo Bay Community, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

Story by Tiaro Marine Conservation Committee, Solomon Islands

Since 2017, Tiaro Bay community has been working towards developing Community-based Resource Management for their community. The community established “Tiaro Marine Conservation Committee” as a community association to strengthen conservation activities for marine resources in/around the bay areas. They are driven by the consideration of how to preserve and maintain their precious marine resources for the present and the future of the community.

Breaking Paradigms: Innovative, Connected and Scalable Solutions for Small-Scale Fisheries

Story by COBI, Mexico

We know that there is no simple recipe for meeting fisheries, environmental, social, and management challenges. However, collective action, a clear and shared vision, defined roles and responsibilities, inclusion of current and future generations of fishers (women and men) foster the design, implementation, and documentation of solutions to achieve resilient communities and healthy oceans.

Small-Scale Fisheries in the Cradle of Himalayas Nepal: Why Small-Scale Fisheries Matter?

Story by Tek Gurung, Nepal

The main features of small-scale fisheries in Nepal, the most centrally located country of the Himalayas, are their “littleness, bountifulness, benevolence and charitableness…” They are important for food, nutrition, and livelihoods of   marginalized ethnic communities, especially women. The small-scale fisheries products are not only the sources of nutrition and food to the marginalized ethnic groups, but are the most acceptable food sources to all Nepalese.

Small-Scale-Fisheries in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan

Short story by Yukio Ueta & Keisuke Mori, Japan

The coasts are home to many small-scale, often family-run fisheries, which do not come anywhere close to being acknowledged in a manner similar to their large scale, industrial counterparts (In the Era of Change: Essays About Japanese Small-Scale Fisheries, p11)”. The goal of this series is to raise the profile of the Japanese SSF and to emphasize their importance in establishing sustainable SSF around the world. This time is about the SSF in Tokushima Prefecture, located on the island of Shikoku in Japan. Stay tuned for more upcoming stories from TBTI Japan!