Special Workshop: Using Transdisciplinarity for Fisheries Policies and SSF Guidelines Implementation

Are you involved in policy and decisionmaking? If so, we need your help.

Participate in our special workshop!

TBTI has been offering a transdisciplinary (TD) training program to help build research and governance capacity to support the implementation of the SSF Guidelines and to promote fisheries & ocean sustainability. We have participants from around the world and most of them are researchers, practitioners and students. We want to make the TD training program relevant and useful for governments and policymakers responsible for fisheries sustainability and for the implementation of the SSF Guidelines. But we must be missing something since government officials and policymakers are not taking the course!

This is why we’re organizing a three-part session online workshop to get your advice. The workshop will be conducted in English and Spanish translation will be available. Each session will be 90 minutes, and it will spread over three days during the week of Nov 30th to December 4th. Exact date and time will be determined once we have the list of participants. The general plan is that we’ll send you the draft handbook about the TD program to review ahead of time, and spend the time at the workshop to go over the materials, discuss ways to make it relevant and useful for your work, and explore effective deliverable mechanisms.

Why you should participate?

  1. You are responsible for fisheries management and your government is keen to implement the SSF Guidelines;
  2. You believe in capacity enhancement and are keen to explore innovative approaches to achieving sustainability; and
  3. You have a lot of practical experiences about policy and decisionmaking and you don't mind sharing and exchanging it with others.

What will you get out of this?

In addition to our sincere appreciation, and the opportunity to show FAO that your country is serious about the implementation of the SSF Guidelines, we will be happy to organize a custom-made TD training program that suits your need. This includes working with you to translate the training handbook into your language.

To apply for the special workshop, please send us email to toobigtoignore@mun.ca by November 20, 2020.
You can check the current TD course content here, which should give you some ideas about the kind of topics we will discuss at the special workshop. For details, see HERE.