Welcome the SSF Profiles!

The Information System on Small-scale Fisheries (ISSF) is releasing a major update: SSF profiles!

Since its official release in September, the Information System on Small-scale Fisheries has offered a platform to share and explore data on SSF researchers, organizations and publications. As of today, more than 360 researchers, 125 organizations and 1300 publications are recorded on ISSF, making it the largest SSF database ever created! We are pleased to announce the release of a major dataset that will allow anyone to enter information about small-scale fisheries characteristics from around the world.

The new dataset called "SSF Profiles" will allow anyone (including you) to record and share information about small-scale fisheries in communities, regions, countries, etc. using a common core set of characteristics describing the fishery. This set of characteristics results from more than 2 years of consultation with SSF experts from around the world. If you studied SSF in specific places, it is time to share this information as a profile on ISSF. Don'thesitate to contact our team if you want support to do it, we can bring you through the steps required to publish your data!

Be part of the ISSF community and contribute!