Framework: Social and cultural contributions of SSF

DSCN0058TBTI seeks to document the societal contributions of small-scale fisheries (SSF). Responsibility for this task falls to TBTI’s Working Group 3: Broadening the Scope, a group that is focused particularly on the social and cultural contributions of SSF. Research in WG3 needs to include work in two areas: (1) collation of macro-level data on the contributions of SSF, and (2) compilation or undertaking of numerous case studies to illustrate micro variations in SSF.

WG3 envisage the collation of case studies in two edited volumes.The first of these efforts would contribute to the Information System for Small-scale Fisheries (ISSF), coordinated by WG1, and focus on the Asia and Oceania region. The second area of work would contribute publications in several formats, including edited volumes, that brings together the overall contributions of TBTI.

Contributors of case studies will have two months in October and November 2013 to reflect on the application of the framework to their geographical areas of focus and do some preliminary testing of it, either in the field or in the examination of existing data sets. The results of this phase of work will be presented and discussed in Hyderabad in the form of case study descriptions. The intention there will be to produce a refined framework document that will be the basis for the systematically conducted area 2 studies that will be the foundation for addressing WG3’s longer term objectives the publication of the edited volume and systematic contributions to the SSF database. The expectation is that in this phase the contributors will do their best to gather data in areas 1 and 2 at the local and national levels as specified in the methodology section. Lessons from this entire research exercise should then be translated into a yet more elaborated framework to guide the global case studies for volume 2 and future studies on the societal value of SSF that could continue to feed into and strengthen the ISSF and other databases on small-scale fisheries.  A separate call for case studies and a timeline for volume 2 will sent out following the Hyderabad meeting in December 2013.

If you want to learn more about WG3 framework click on Framework_document_TBTI WG3_v3