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  • 1st World Small-Scale Fisheries congress: 18-22 October, Bangkok, Thailand 2010 The World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress (WSFC) is a scientific meeting that aims to address issues concerning small-scale fisheries around the world. Researchers, practitioners, policy makers, fishers, industries, more
  • International Coastal Network The International Coastal Network (ICN) at Memorial University of Newfoundland complements an interdisciplinary research program which aims at enhancing an understanding of the connectivity and interaction between more
  • Research Priorities Survey The goal of the Research Priorities for Small-Scale Fisheries Survey is to help understand what information is most needed by those who are making decisions about the development, use, and governance of fisheries more
  • World Small-Scale Fisheries: Contemporary VisionsWorld Small-Scale Fisheries: Contemporary visions
    World Small-Scale Fisheries: Contemporary Visions. Edited by Ratana Chuenpagdee. Eburon, 2011.
    The importance of fisheries is not lost in the global policy arena. What is often overlooked in the general more