Archive | February, 2015
  • Meet Danika Kleiber, TBTI new postdoctoral fellow Danika Kleiber is a recent PhD graduate from the University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre.  Her primary research interests lie in the intersection of gender and small-scale fisheries, and she has worked in the more
  • Irish small-scale fishers fight against the ban on salmon fishing “We protect birds, wildlife and fish…but what about us, the people?”, an Irish small-scale fisher says in the French newspaper Le Monde (26th January 2015). Residents of Arranmore, a small island northwest of more
  • The IMBER-ADApT Framework The IMBER-ADApT Framework is an integrated assessment framework, developed to enable and enhance decision-making in fisheries faced with global change issues.  The framework is based on a  typology of case-studies more