Article: Interactions between artisanal and industrial tuna fisheries

Interactions between artisanal and industrial tuna fisheries: Insights from a decade of tagging experiments

Authors: Bruno LeroyThomas Peatman, Thomas Usu, Sylvain CaillotBrad Moore, Ashley Williams and Simon Nicol

Marine Policy 65 (2016) 11–19

marine policy


The article, written by Leroy et al. (2016), provides evidence that industrial purse-seine fisheries may negatively impact artisanal and subsistence fisheries. Specifically, their study of skipjack and yellowfin tuna populations showed that these species may have longer residency times in nearshore habitats than in open ocean habitats. Authors argue that area closures for industrial fisheries may assist with the management of artisanal fisheries and that the proximity to industrial purse-seine fishing may be an important factor for planning and evaluating the performance of artisanal fisheries in the western Pacific region.

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