Joining the webinar

To join a TBTI webinar, please follow the step-by-step instruction below


Keep in mind:

  • No prior registration is necessary but we suggest to give yourself extra 5-10 minutes to log into the webinar session
  • Use a laptop or desktop computer, tablets and mobile devices do not support all the features
  • Chrome and Firefox are the recommended and supported browsers
  • If you are a speaker, use headphones instead of speakers to prevent voice echo

If you have any question about the webinar send us an email to If you experience any technical difficulties with the webinar platform, you can also contact our technical support by calling a toll free number (1-866-435-1396) or through online chat.

1) Insert the webinar URL link into your web browser (MUST be Chrome or Firefox)


2) Provide your name and log in to session 


3) Select the 'Audio' option


4) Test your audio and enter the session

5) Once you have successfully logged in to the session you will see a full screen

(similar to the one below, but please keep in mind that the image on the central screen may look different)  

6) Additional features
  • Opening the chat window & seeing the list of participants

  • To chat & mute your mic