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TBTI is a new research network and knowledge mobilization partnership established to elevate the profile of small-scale fisheries (SSF), to argue against their marginalization in national and international policies, and to develop research and governance capacity to address global fisheries challenges. TBTI comprises 15 partners, 62 researchers from 27 countries, conducting activities in five regions of the world.

Officially launched in September 2013, this six-year long Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) project is an open network that encourages anyone interested in SSF, including fishers, fisher organizations, practitioners, managers, policy makers, donors, students and researchers to participate in an interactive discussion about SSF.

Upcoming events

To promote knowledge mobilization and capacity building, TBTI organizes and supports meetings, workshops, policy forums and conferences around the world. You are welcomed to join us at the following upcoming events:

hyderabadWG3 and Asia & Oceania conference, 10-13 December, Hyderabad, India, 2013.


selling fish2nd World Small Scale Fisheries Congress (2WSFC) in Merida, Mexico, 21-25 September 2014.


More information about meetings, workshops, policy forums and conferences organized by TBTI can be found in our Event section.

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