Katia Frangoudes

Country: France

Katia Frangoudes is a senior researcher of political sciences. She obtained her PhD at the University of Paris in 1992. Since then she participated in many research programs related to fisheries and aquaculture governance, and women’s contribution in fisheries in Europe as a member of the research team of the UMR AMURE at the University of Brest. For many years she acted as a facilitator of the European fisher’s women network AKTEA. She is currently coordinating the TBTI research cluster on 'Women and Gender in SSF' with several other colleagues.

1. What are you currently working on within the context of SSF?

KF: Small-scale fishers and women’s contribution in fisheries share many similarities as they are both forgotten by the current fisheries system in the European Union (EU). They also struggle for their recognition despite the fact that they have been recognized by the EU legal frame. Small-scale fishers and access to fisheries rights is another one of my research interests.

2. If you could single out or two most significant factors for securing sustainability of SSF, what would these factors be?

KF: Supporting the establishment of small-scale fishers and women’s organizations is the first step towards obtaining their visibility and recognition. Integration of small-scale fishers and women’s organizations in the decision making process related to the European fisheries management will give both groups more power. In addition, European and national statistics should provide more information about the role of SSF in the EU fisheries and statistics should be based on gender (men/women). Recognition and visibility to these two social groups, through their organization, contribute towards securing sustainability of SSF.

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