Report: TBTI Day @ MARE conference; July 2017

TBTI Day @ MARE conference
July 4, 2017; University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The event, attended by about 50 participants, was free and open to both TBTI members and the wider audience. The participants had an opportunity to hear the latest news about TBTI, including detailed updates about the research clusters, regional activities and the ‘Transdisciplinarity in Fisheries’ training program. The second part of the event focused on the issue of sustainability and included a roundtable discussion about the upcoming 3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress.

Report: TBTI day @ MARE 2017

Some of the most interesting discussions during this event focused around:

  • synthesizing SSF data on a global level
  • building capacity through transdisciplinarity
  • bridging the science-policy interface
  • leadership and collaboration
  • communicating SSF knowledge to different types of audiences, and
  • achieving SSF sustainability.

For more details about these and other discussions from the event, read a detail account of this event in the TBTI Day @ MARE conference report.