E-book: SSF Small-Scale Fisheries Profiles


Since its launch in September 2014, TBTI's Information System on Small-scale Fisheries (ISSF) has been the world's largest and most diverse small-scale fisheries online database. In 2015, TBTI launched one of ISSF's most data rich information layers, the Small-Scale Fisheries (SSF) Profile. Since then, more than 100 SSF Profiles have been submitted to ISSF, bringing a wealth of knowledge on SSF from 55 different countries. The SSF Profile is designed to highlight the main characteristics of a particular fishery so that online users can learn about SSF around the world. The information included in a SSF Profile includes, but is not limited to, ecosystem, gear, vessel types, market distribution and income as well as regulations, major issues, and governance.

Earlier in 2016, TBTI launched the SSF Profile Report, which provides users with a visualization of the data contained within a SSF Profile. Any profile which has been at least 70% completed can be generated into a report.

TBTI is now taking the next step with our SSF Profiles by creating an E-book, titled Small-Scale Fisheries Profiles, which will compile each report by region. Small-Scale Fisheries Profiles will allow readers to examine SSF characteristics from all over the world with ease. Volume 1 will be divided into the following five sections based on region: Asia & Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America, and Latin America& the Caribbean.

An example of two SSF Profiles that will be featured in the E-book are provided below.

Northeastern Handline & Gillnet Fisheries, Brazil

Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association, USA


To be included in the Small-Scale Fisheries Profiles e-book you will need:

  1. An account on ISSF
  2. A SSF Profile (completed by at least 70%)
  3. Send a short (2-3 sentence) synopsis , as seen above, describing your SSF Profile to d.bishop@mun.ca