Global change responses for small-scale fisheries webinar: December 1, 2016

Global change responses for small-scale fisheries
December 1, 2016


William Cheung, Associate Professor with Changing Ocean Research Unit at UBC and Director (Science) of the NF-UBC Nereus Program, Canada. He specializes in impacts of fishing and climate change on marine ecosystems, and trade-offs in their management.

Alida Bundy, Research Scientist with Fisheries and Oceans, Canada, at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. Her research interests include biodiversity, marine ecosystem functioning, and fisheries
Manuel Muntoni, TBTI Senior Research Fellow at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. His research focuses on assessing adaptation and vulnerability of small-scale small pelagic fisheries to global changes.

The ‘Global Change Responses’ cluster explores how small-scale fishing communities respond to different types of change and stressors, and identifies factors that allow these communities to cope and adapt. The audience will learn about the cluster and I-ADApT, an integrated assessment framework that enables and enhances decision-making in fisheries faced with global change issues. The speakers will also present the global review of small-scale small pelagic fisheries, done as part of the ‘Global Change Responses’ cluster.

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