Gendered Coasts webinar: November 1, 2016

Gendered Coasts
November 1, 2016


Siri Gerrard, Professor at the Arctic University of Norway, specializing in women and gender in fishery politics, fishery work, and fishing communities in Norway, Tanzania and Cameroon.
Katia Frangoudes, Senior Researcher at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France, specializing in women in fisheries and aquaculture in Europe and institutional issues in fisheries management.
Danika Kleiber, Pacific Island Fisheries Sciences Centre, Joint Institute for Marine Atmosphere Research, Honolulu, USA, specializing in the intersection of gender and small-scale fisheries.

Women are an important agent of small-scale fisheries (SSF) where they accomplish different tasks from pre-harvesting operations to first sale and administration. However, women’s involvement in fisheries is poorly documented and their contribution is often not recognized, either economically or administratively. Due to a lack of recognition of their role and because of gender related inequality and inequity that prevails in society, their needs are not properly addressed and are insufficiently studied.

The new TBTI ‘Women & Gender’ cluster aims to tackle this knowledge gap and address the issue at the policy level. The cluster will also contribute to theoretical and methodological development in the field. If you want to know more about gender and women’s contribution in SSF and learn about how to contribute to the cluster, then the next webinar of TBTI is for you.

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