Diverse values, wellbeing, and the governance of small-scale fisheries: September 1, 2016

Diverse values, wellbeing, and the governance of small-scale fisheries
September 1, 2016



Derek Johnson, University of Manitoba
Svein Jentoft, The Arctic University of Norway, Norway
Tim Acott, University of Greenwich, UK

  • Presenters are TBTI cluster coordinators and book editors

Value is an idea that speaks to fundamental qualities of what it is to be human. It is about meaning making, an arbiter of importance, and is central in struggles over power and resources. Value is diversely understood and values are contested. The idea of value is also crucial as an entry point into understanding what is distinctive and important about small-scale fisheries. In this webinar the presenters draw on social wellbeing theory and other sources of inspiration to argue for a context-sensitive, relational approach to understanding the values of small-scale fisheries. They ground their argument in a case from Paraty, Brazil and show the importance of values to small-scale fisheries governance.



PDF of the Presentation


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