Let’s talk about SSF rights and access webinar: May 1, 2016

Let’s talk about SSF rights and access
May 1, 2016



Ratana Chuenpagdee, Memorial University, Canada
Reade Davis, Memorial University, Canada
Evelyn Pinkerton, Simon Fraser University, Canada

The issues of rights and access in fisheries have recently received a lot of attention in policy, development and academic course. Since the start of the project, TBTI has been working on these topics under the Working Group titled ‘Defending the Beach,’ lead by Professors Evelyn Pinkerton and Reade Davis. They will present their findings in this webinar, with illustrated examples from small-scale fisheries (SSF) in North America.

The webinar is also an opportunity to discuss the new TBTI cluster ‘SSF Rights‘, which will focus on the issues of rights and access in SSF. TBTI is looking for your ideas and suggestions about what direction this cluster should take, what activities it should focus on, and what it should be called. If you have experiences about how SSF people have benefited from, or affected by, various rights systems, we would like to hear your stories. You can send us an email to toobigtoignore@mun.ca.



PDF of the presentation



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