Research instruments

Rapid assessment of SSF gear impact_Survey

Rapid assessment of economic viability_Survey

Rapid assessment of fish consumption_Survey

Rapid assessment of SSF values_Survey

Concept note Inland Fisheries Cluster

Concept note SSF Guidelines Cluster

Concept note Governing the Governance

Framework Assessing the economic viability of small-scale fisheries

Framework Social and cultural contributions of SSF

Research highlights


Talk about ‘Innovations and Opportunities in Small-Scale Fisheries’ at UBC

TBTI participates in discussion about the future of food in Newfoundland and Labrador

International conference on small-scale fisheries governance held in Hyderabad, India

A proud sponsor of the GCFI Fishers Forum

TBTI Panel Session on the World Seafood Congress

TBTI participates in the Harris Centre’s Coast of Bays Regional Workshop

TBTI & the 65th GCFI conference: 6 & 7 November, Santa Marta, Colombia, 2012

TBTI inaugural meeting public policy forum

TBTI Inaugural Meeting: 4-6 September, St. John’s, Canada, 2012


TBTI webinar series 5: The importance of fish as food

TBTI webinar series 4: Let’s talk about SSF rights and access

TBTI webinar series 2: Walking the talk for SSF Guidelines: Role of research

TBTI webinar series 1: Building bridges and mobilizing SSF knowledge

Small-scale fisheries in Sri Lanka faced with serious challenges

Too Big To Ignore Project Director speaks about the importance of small-scale fisheries

Talking about WG5 and North America work on the FishBytes newsletter

TBTI highlights on Memorial University’s 2013 research report

TBTI goes live on the East Coast Fisheries blog

Spreading the voice, TBTI and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community

Ratana Chuenpagdee, TBTI project director, speakes about her large-scale project on small-scale fisheries

TBTI & the 65th GCFI conference: 6 & 7 November, Santa Marta, Colombia, 2012



Shrimp, prawn and the political economy of social wellbeing in rural Bangladesh

An unlikely partnership – fishers’ participation in a small-scale fishery data collection program in the Timor Sea

Interactions between artisanal and industrial tuna fisheries

Economic viability and small-scale fisheries — A review

Eliciting Values and Principles of Fishery Stakeholders in South Korea: A Methodological Exploration?

Towards a typology of interactions between small-scale fisheries and global seafood trade

The rise of territorial eco-certifications- New politics of transnational sustainability governance in the fishery sector

Geo-Coordinated Parallel Coordinated (GCPC): A Case Study of Environmental Data Analysis

Contextualising the coupled socio-­‐ecological conditions of marine megafauna bycatch

How do users of the Galapagos Marine reserve imagine it?

In search for an optimal fishing pattern

Assessing governability of environmental protected areas in Phetchaburi and Prachuap Kirikhan, Thailand

Walking the talk; implementing the international voluntary guidelines for securing sustainable small-scale fisheries

Assessing governability of environmental protected areas in Phetchaburi and Prachuap Kirikhan, Thailand

Between a rock and a hard place

Human dignity – A fundamental guiding value for a human rights approach to fisheries? 

Interactive coastal governance – The role of pre-modern fisher organizations in improving governability 

Governability assessment of the Galapagos Marine Reserve 

Neoliberalism and the politics of enclosure in North American small-scale fisheries

Ocean grabbing

An article on implementation of the international voluntary guidelines for small-scale fisheries

Small-scale fisheries in Sri Lanka faced with serious challenges


Conflicted Colony

Book Chapter:  Rethinking small-scale fisheries governance

Interactive Governance for Small-Scale Fisheries: Global Reflections

E-book: Enhancing Stewardship in Small-Scale Fisheries: Practices and Perspectives

New book: Governability of fisheries and aquaculture, theory and applications

World Small-Scale Fisheries: Contemporary visions

Community handbook 

Community handbook: Small-scale fisheries policy

Research briefs

Research brief – Giving European Small-Scale Fisheries a Place


Small-scale Fisheries of the World: Who’s who in small-scale fisheries

Sustainability Report Card: Clarenville-Bonavista-Isthmus Region

We of the Sea: Citizen Scientist

The Future of Marine Conservation: Local and Global Perspectives Workshop

Revelando a pesca de pequena escala

TBTI@MARE meeting

2WSFC report

TBTI – COS joint workshop report

Transdisciplinary fisheries course development

Student forum at the 2WSFC

Transdiscplinary workshop at the 2WSFC

Compilation of ideas from the TBTI-FAO session on the SSF Guidelines at the 2WSFC

Economic viability of Small-Scale Fisheries in Africa” Workshop Report

WG6 and Europe meeting summary

WG5 and North America workshop summary

‘Slow Fish – Light Bites’ event report

WG4 and Latin American & the Caribbean workshop summary report

WG1 Information System for Small-Scale Fisheries (ISSF) summary report

Europe and the Mare policy day summary report

TBTI-CZAP-SEAFDEC workshop summary report

TBTI & the 65th GCFI conference: Summary report

TBTI inaugural meeting summary report

Special Issue  

Global change, ensuing vulnerabilities, and social responses in marine environments

WG5 Special Issue on Neoliberalism and North American Small-Scale Fisheries

WG4 Special Issue: Enhancing ecosystem stewardship in small-scale fisheries

WG4 Special Issue Call receives 22 abstracts as contributions