TBTI at the WFC2020

“Building capacity for securing sustainable small-scale fisheries"

TBTI special session for 'World Fisheries Congress'
11-15 October 2020, Adelaide, Australia

Both the diverse values of small-scale fisheries and their multiple challenges highlight the importance of capacity – i.e. capacity of fishing communities, industries, governments and civil society organizations in collectively managing and supporting small-scale fisheries. Capacity development is also argued in the "Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries" (SSF Guidelines) as imperative for the implementation of this landmark instrument. But what kind of capacity is needed, who should it target and how best to deliver?

This session will feature papers that illustrate good practices and lessons in capacity development initiatives that aim at building stronger small-scale fisheries to deal with current and emerging pressure, including those related to climate change, globalization, and development agendas like Blue Growth and Blue Economy. A handbook on capacity development for the implementation of the SSF Guidelines is envisaged as an output of the session.

Conference stream

Theme 3: Fisheries and Society (Contributions to Sustainable Development)
Topic/Session: No. 73


George Freduah (University of the Sunshine Coast) (gfreduah@usc.edu.au) and Andrew Song (James Cook University and University of Technology Sydney)

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