TD T0T training program, fall 2019

Training-of-the-Trainers Transdisciplinary
Training Program

Why transdisciplinary approach? 

The transdisciplinary (TD) approach argues that the problems and priorities in fisheries, ocean and environmental governance require a broadening of perspectives that cut across academic disciplines, bridge division between scientific and local knowledge, and bring about innovation in teaching and learning. This is especially the case where small-scale fisheries play a prominent role in the production and supply of fish and seafood, as well as in supporting livelihoods and providing jobs to the local communities.

TBTI transdisciplinary training

The transdisciplinary (TD) training is a unique program, developed by TBTI. The objective of the training is to expose participants to a range of issues, challenges and concerns related to fisheries, ocean and environmental sustainability, especially those affecting small-scale fisheries, as well as to deepen the understanding about their causes and effects, and to broaden the perspective about how to address them.

The regular TD training program includes a series of lectures on theories and main concepts, such as wicked problems, stakeholders, governance, governability, and sustainability, accompanied by exercises and practical to facilitate learning. A case study analysis is an important aspect of the training, and thus participants work in small groups to analyse the case studies using the frameworks learned, including stakeholder analysis, institutional analysis, and governability assessment.

About the TD 'Training of the Trainers' program

The ‘Training-of-the-Trainers’ (ToT) TD training program is an advanced-level training, aiming at people who have expertise and experience in interdisciplinary, TD or participatory action research and practice. The purpose of the ToT is to draw from a TD community of practice to develop an online TD learning platform that can be freely accessible by people interested in TD.

The ToT TD training program is composed of two components: a three-month online course and an in situ workshop. For the online portion of the training, the participants will interact with the instructors and colleagues and contribute to the development of the course materials. The second component of the ToT TD training program is an in-situ workshop, which will offer the participants an opportunity to discuss and fine-tune the course elements and further develop training materials with the course instructors and with each other.

The workshop will be facilitated by a team of researchers and instructors associated with TBTI, who have a broad range of expertise on fisheries and ocean governance. The book “Transdisciplinarity for Small-Scale Fisheries Governance: Analysis and Practice“ (Chuenpagdee & Jentoft (eds) (2018) will be used as the main textbook.

About this training

The online course will start on September 15 and end on December 15. The online course will require an average of 3 hours per week of self-guided learning using the online platform. Only those candidates who successfully pass the first part of the online course will attend the training workshop.

The in-situ workshop will be held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on 8-10 November 2019. The location is chosen to coincide with the 72nd annual conference of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI), which will take place on 4–8 November 2019. The training is not restricted to GCFI participants, however, and we welcome anyone interested in being part of the TD online learning platform development, and who’s keen to promote more TD practices for fisheries and ocean sustainability.


In order to participate in the ToT TD training program, the candidate must be able to demonstrate an intention to promote and share the knowledge and skills about TD through training new participants formally or informally. This can also include making a commitment to take on the role of instructor in the TBTI TD online course or hold a TD training workshop in their location. Candidates are expected to have good knowledge about issues affecting small-scale fisheries, and have extensive work experience in various aspects of fisheries and oceans. A huge amount of enthusiasm and a high level of commitment to help secure sustainable small-scale fisheries can be used as substitutes for knowledge and experience. All instructions for this current ToT TD training program are in English. Good Internet connection is also necessary for the online platform.


There is no course fee to participate in the ToT TD training program. Access to the online platform and the teaching/learning materials will be provided to the participants free of charge. There is also no additional fee to participate in the 3-day workshop in Punta Cana. Participants will be provided with “room and board” during the workshop. Participants are, however, responsible for covering their own travel-related expenses to Punta Cana (air and ground transportation, visa and meals during the travel).


The registration is now CLOSED. 

TD ToT training workshop
November 8-10, 2019 | Punta Cana, Dominican Republic



Ratana Chuenpagdee, Project Director, Too Big To Ignore - Global Partnership for Small-Scale Fisheries Research, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada



Maria Pena, Project Officer, Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES), The University of the West Indies, Barbados


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