World Fisheries Day 2020

Each November 21, World Fisheries Day, is a welcomed opportunity to reflect on the ever-increasing knowledge about fishing, fishers, coastal communities, and the status of the oceans and the fish stocks, as well as to recognize the contribution of fishing people who provide food, nutrition and income security to millions of people around the world. For this year World Fisheries Day, we are calling attention to the importance of small-scale fisheries, asking all of us to share stories about why they matter.

Tell us why small-scale fisheries matter!

We are calling on individuals or groups to send us personal stories that speak to the diverse values small-scale fisheries embody. We are interested in reflections on the connections between small-scale fisheries to place, community, environment and people’s sense of identity, oftentimes expressed through statements like ‘fishing is a way of life’.

We welcome submissions of short stories (about 800 words), essays (about 2,000 words), photo & video testimonials, and drawings, created either by fishers themselves or those familiar with the topic of small-scale fisheries. Please note we are not accepting documentaries.

The collected material will be presented on the TBTI website and distributed through our social media on November 21st. If we receive a substantive number of contributions, we may compile them into a TBTI e-book titled ‘Why Small-Scale Fisheries Matter.’

To participate, simply send your contribution as an email attachment to by November 15. Files larger than 3MB should be sent via Dropbox / Google Drive or similar file-sharing platforms.

The submissions should be written in English. You are welcome to send a short synopsis written in your native language. 

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