New webinar series in 2017


The 2016 webinar series was successfully concluded with our December webinar on 'Global change responses for small-scale fisheries'. The recordings and PDFs of the previous webinars can be found in the Webinar Archive.

The 2017 webinar season will bring a new, exciting change with a novel web debate format. The first web debate, on February 1st, will be on the topic of human right vs. property rights - which of these truly promotes sustainable SSF. We are calling for ‘debaters’ on this topic. If you wish to participate, send us an email to by January 10th, 2017.


The TBTI webinar series covers a spectrum of SSF issues and provides a unique opportunity to find out more about the TBTI activities and engage in real-time discussions with other SSF experts. The webinars are open to anyone interested in SSF. No prior registration is necessary. If you have any suggestion about the topic you would like to see covered in the future webinars, send us an email to


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